201. All Principals of GJCs in Kurnool District are requested to submit the budget requirment in respect of MTS JLs/Lab Attenders from December - 2014 to March-2015 in the prescribed proforma immediately to O/o DVEO, Kurnool.

202.OOE 4th Quarter Budget to GJC - March-2015.

203. Status of Audit Reports in respect of Aided Junior Colleges - Proforma communicated by O/o CIE, A.P., Hyderabad - Principals of Aided Junior Colleges are requested to submit the information in triplicate to this office immediately.

204. 1st quarter Budget Requirement for the Financial Year 2015-16 in respect of GJCs in Kurnool Dt.

205. All the Principals of the Government Junior Colleges in Kurnool District are invited to the reference read above and requested to clear Post Matric Scholarships applications for the Year 2014-15 both Fresh & Renewal pending at college logins and submit Hard copies with bar code to District Officer immediately for sanction.

206. Principals of GJCs in Kurnool Dt. and they are requested to submit proposals along with Service Registers and Service Satisfactory Certificate (In Triplicate) for Last 5 Years in respect of eligible candidates for promotion as Senior Assistant and Record Assistant immediately to this office.

207. All Principals of GJCs are requested to submit the report on Contact Programme (SSC-2014 & BIE 2014-15) duly collecting information from the feeder schools as per the prescribed proforma  immediately to this office in both hard & soft copies email to dveo.kurnool@gmail.com

208. All  Principals  of  the GJCs & AJCs in Kurnool District are requested to attend District Level Academic Review Meetings for review of IPE MARCH– 2015 results on 04.05.2015 at Meeting Hall, O/o The RIO, Govt. Junior College(Town) Campus, Kurnool. The Principals are requested to submit information of Point wise as given below of respective colleges in prescribed Proforma appended to this memo in both hard and soft copies (Ms Excel Only) on 02/05/2015 without fail.

209. RTI-ACT-2005- All Principals of the Government Junior Colleges in Kurnool District are requested to submit information in respect of Contract Faculty sought by Sri P.Chandrasekar, resident of Vajrakarur(P&M), Anantapur Dt., under RTI Act 2005,  submit the information to this office immediately in the prescribed proforma.

210.  Enhancement of Special Fee in Govt. Junior Colleges and Private Aided Junior Colleges in the State for the Year 2015-16

211. State Best Teacher Awards 2015 Guidelines and Application format

211. MTS - Revised Head of Account for drawing salary under 020/022.

212. Information related to regularization of service of staff working as Part Time / MTS Certain information called for by CIE, A.P, Hyderabad.

213. Information related to Principals / Junior Lecturers willing to work at SIVE,A.P. - Regarding.   

214. Aided Junior Colleges cadre strength particulars         

215. First Phase Admissions Schedule issued by BIE., A.P. Hyderabad.

216. All Principals of GJCs are requested to submit Teaching & Non Teaching staff particulars Cadre wise and Subject wise in prescribed poforma immediately to this office.      Click the following for  Profoma in MS Excel

 217. Copy of College day celebrations latest instructions. 

218. Copy of Procs. regarding to JL Regularisation proposals.

219. Copy of Regularization format.

 220. Copy of Procs. on state function Observance of 2nd June every year. 

221. IPE-March-2015-Subject wise District Average in respect of GCJs in Kurnool Dt.communicated by CIE, AP, Hyderabad. Click the following for    I-Year       II-Year

222. Copy of Procs.  of CIE, A.P., regarding to Review on functioning of GJCs/AJCs instructions.

223. CIE, A.P., Hyderabad instructions to Principals to work on 2nd Saturdays as Reopening of College had been postponed to 08.06.2015 from 01.06.2015

224. CIE,AP, Hyderabad instructions for sanction of new groups & addtional sections for the Academic Year - 2015-16 certain information.

225. Continuation of Para Medical Courses in Intermediate Education - Certain Instruction issued by CIE, A.P., Hyderabad.

226. CIE, A.P., Hyderabad certain instruction on Admissions in obtaining  Community-Nativity-Income Certificate by the students.

227. Free Text Books to students studying in GJCs & AJCs for the AY-2015-16 cetain instructions issued by CIE, A.P, Hyderabad. Futher Principals of GJCs & AJCs are requested to contact District Manager (CELL NO. 9985791290) Where Books are available at Kurnool Stock Point.

228. Celebration of International Yoga Day on 21.06.2015 in Govt. & Aided Junior Colleges in the State - Certain Instructions Issued by the CIE, A.P., Hyderabad.

229. All Principals of GJCs & AJCs are requested to submit the budget requirment particulars in the proforma as above on or before 25.06.2015 to this office by Hard copy and so sent Soft copy through email to dveo.kurnool@gmail.com so as to enable us to consolidate the same and submit the O/o CIE, A.P, Hyderabad.

230. All Principal of GJCs are requested to submit above information to this office immediately through email id dveo.kurnool@gmail.com, and also submit a Nil report if not applicable.

231. CIE, A.P, Hyderabad on Enhancement Seats upto 150 in GJC's - Proceedings.

232. CIE, A.P. Hyderabad Proceeding on Renewal of Contract Faculty for Academic Year 2015-16

233. CIE.A.P., Hyderabad Proceedings on PRC-2015

234. All the Principals of GJCs/AJCs are requested to donwload STATE BEST TEACHER AWARDS-2015.pdf (221,2 kB) format and guidelines and communicate the same to your Teaching staff members immediately. 

235.  Most Urgent - Please download & Submit the information related to Strenght & Pass percentage immediately through email to dveo.kurnool@gmail.com.

236. Most Urgent Please download & submit information related to strenght particulars for AY - 2015 - 16 & Toilets information by 10.30 AM through email to dveo.kurnool@gmail.com.

237. Most Urgent Please download & submit informationrelated to enrollment particulars and submit information on 10.08.2015 by 3.00 PM  through email "dveo.kurnool@gmail.com without faild.

238. All Principals of GJCs of Kurnool Dt. are requested to follow General Transfers 2015 Guidelines and submit the Liable & Request transfers applications in triplicate to this office by 3PM on or before 10.08.2015 withoutfail.                                                                                                                  Click here for New Transfers - 2015 Application.   Revised General Transfers 2015 Guidelines

239.  IASE-2015 II Year subject wise GJCs results communicated by CIE, A.P, Hyderabad.

240. 2015 Zone-IV Principals Transfer orders.

241. Govt. Jr. Colleges Vocational Courses Strength & Pass Persentage information for the yea 2014-15 requested immediately.  

242. Appication for Contract Faculty who applied for Transfer on Mutual, Sposual and Medical Grounds.

243. All Principals of GJCs in Kurnool Dt. are requested to submit information related to Proposals for utlization of Accumulated Special fee towards purchase of Computers, furniture, minor repairs to college etc.

 244.DISTRICT BEST TEACHER AWARDS-2015(1) All Principals of GJCs in Kurnool Dt. are requested to submit information related to Proposals for District level Best Teacher awards  on the eve of teachers day 05.09.2015 on or before 01.09.2015 to the DVEO.

245. Govt jr college college wise budget allotment for first and second quarters.

246. CIE, A.P., Hyderabad Proceedings on utilization of accumulated special fee funds  upto Rs.2500-00 per month for Night Watchman, Sweeper & Scavenger on Outsourcing Basis.   

247. Aided - Re-inducted Staff - PRC- 2015 - Buget requirment Proforma. Please make note that the proforma is for Aided - Re-inducted Staff - not for Redeployed staff.

 248. Tentative Time table for Orientation Programme,  Venu and Accomidation.

249. Aided & RD Staff 3rd Quarter for FY-2015-16 Budget requirment proforma.  

250. CIE, AP., Hyderabad Proforma on infrasturcture facilties in GJC to be submitted by hard & soft copies immediately to this office.


252. All Principals of GJCs & AJCs are requested to attend AG&MC Reveiw Meeting on I & II Unit Test results at O/o DVEO, Kurnool on 23.09.2015.       

253. Revised Aided & RD Staff 3rd Quarter Budget -FY-2015-16 requirment proforma.  

254. All Principals of GJCs in Kurnool District are requested to submit Staff Particulars in all cadres in prescribed Proforma throuh Hard & Soft copies(Email to dveo.kurnool@gmail.com) to this office  on or before 23.09.2015.

255. Apprenticeship for +2 Vocational Passouts at Tirupathi on 09.10.2015

256. CIE, Proceedings for Utilization of Accumulated special fee fund for Minor repairs & White Wash etc.

257. Junior lecturer  to  degrree college lecturer   promotion  eligble candidates apply in the prescribed proforma 

258. All Principals of GJCs & AJCs are requested to Enrole students as members of Yoth Red Cross in Indian Red Cross Society as per instructions of CIE, A.P., Hyderabad.

Old Circulars

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Old Circulars

1. AG-MC Certain Guide lines - Instructions 2011-212 Annual Calendar- Singed by DIE.doc (44 kB)2. 2. Jr.Asst.pdf (1,3 MB) 3. Rec.Asst.pdf (1,6 MB) 4. Admission Particulars-2011-12-annexures I-II.xls (42 kB) 5. Memo.No.142.C.2011Admission Particulars.pdf (184,8 kB) 6. NCERT Award guidelines...

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